Thursday, 16 July 2009

Shirring rocks!

Thanks so much for the advice re sorting out my shirring elastic. It worked!! I basically tried everything said - rewound the bobbin, lenghtened the stitch and turned the tension up to max and lo and behold it worked!! 10 seconds is all it took. Thank you again. I was so impatient to get started last night that I got really frustrated. The only problem now is that i've run out of shirring elastic....half way through.....bloody typical!! Theres nowhere local to buy any either so I have to wait til the week-end and slog into Bristol to get some along with some more tulle so I can finish Izzy's tu tu! Anyway thought I would post a photo to show progress so far. Its going to look fab. I'm not sure if I've done the rows too close together or not but it looks ok. Will post a photo of the finished article hopefully over the week-end.

I got a lovely package of fabric in the post today. I have been after Rocket Rascals fabric for a while and finally found it on Fabric Inspirations website. The other fabric I just couldn't resist. Going to make some more bibs and maybe some little bags and purses. The fabric arrived the next day so I'm really pleased with the service from this website which I've never used before. Would recomend.

I'm off out tonight too!! Out for food and drinks with my antenatal friends from when I was pregnant with Izzy. Should be good fun although my friend Kate who can usually be relied upon to drink too much wine with me is pregnant so it might be a bit more of a sober affair than usual!!


  1. Well done with your shirring. Great fabric! Bring on the retro. Have a fab time tonight! x

  2. Hooray! Glad you got it sorted :) I can give you the details of the ebay seller I get my shirring elastic through if you want? Love your new fabric, never heard of them before *off to check their website*


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