Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shoes, flags, flowers and a hangover!

We have new shoes to show off. Sam wearing his FIRST EVER pair of shoes because he is SO NEARLY walking now!! Its very exciting.

Then Izzy saw these in a charity shop and practically hyperventilated over them so I had to buy them.

Thing is they are an accident waiting to happen and I'm counting down the hours until the next trip to casualty for a broken ankle. Keep trying to 'lose' them amongst all the toys but she keeps digging them out and parading round in her princess dress. She is obsessed with princesses at the moment. I hate you Walt Disney. I'm obviously really popular tho because Izzy came home after a morning at the park with her dad on Saturday and presented me with these gorgeous flowers. Apparently she 'loves me because I am wonderful and I look like a film star'. She is clearly on drugs - I so don't - but it was nice to hear!

I made my first flag last week! I read a post on folksy about someone wanting a union jack flag for their one year old to wave at his dads homecoming as he has been away in the forces. It really struck me for some reason probably as I have a one year old too and I can't imagine his dad not being around so I had a go. It was nice to do something completely different for a change and I think they like it. Check out their blog.

A bit hungover today as actually had a night out last night without the kids!! Went out for dinner with some friends and drank lots of wine and beer (never a good mix - what was I thinking?!) Didn't get home until 2am and then up at 7am with Sam. My negotiation skills are obviously a bit rubbish as my other half managed to wangle the lie in today! We'd promised Izzy she could go swimming this afternoon (another bad idea) Swimming with a hangover is not much fun. That will teach me!

Watch this space for a giveaway next week!!


  1. Oh dear lord, I hope I don't have those slippers in my future! Maia somehow has the princess bug too and I had to give her a serious talk last month on feminism and why she couldn't have the princess toothbrush. Not sure if it sunk in ;)

  2. Negotiating skills and hangovers never come together I find, especially with toddlers. 'You want the TV on? Of course my darling, straight away" ...

  3. One of my daughters aunts bought her a pink version of those slippers - they have the pink fluff and heels like a pair of boudoir slippers! I have put them in the attic as she nearly fell down the stairs in them, she can have them back when she's 7! (She thinks I'm soooooooo mean and boring!!!)

  4. Top Ender has some of those and also some that have little balls in the heals that I managed to lose at Cousins house!


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