Sunday, 15 November 2009

Blast from the past

Many of you have very kindly helped me out with my 70 presents challenge for my mums 70th birthday on Christmas Day so I thought I would share a few photos I 'borrowed' from my mums house while they are on holiday. They have been stashed in the bottom of a drawer for years so I'm going to do a scrap book of my mums life. They make me feel really sentimental for some reason.

I think my mum must be in her 20's here. I'm trying to find out when this was taken.

This is my mum and dad when they were 'courting' as my mum puts it. No idea who the random lady is on the left. My mum was engaged to someone else when she met my dad but she called it off and 6 weeks after their first date my mum and dad got engaged. They have now been married for 46 years!
(Funnily enough I called off my wedding to someone else a week after meeting Jon but thats a story for another time!!)

In one of their wedding photos you can see her ex fiance in the reflection of the wedding car window watching her get married!

This is my favourite photo as it has all of my grandparents on it and my great grandad. I have this framed in my house.

I think this is my brothers Christening. I love this photo. My mum looks really glamourous and finally..............

Me circa 1984. Was was I thinking?? Whats with the hair? I have pink eyeshadow and electric blue mascara on too. The 1980's were not kind to me. This one should have stayed in the bottom of the drawer!


  1. Gorgeous pics :) I've got some really glam ones of my mum too and some really, really dodgy ones of me in the 80's when I was always mistaken for a boy!!!

  2. OMG - check you out!!! You should really go for that look again! Parents photos are adorable! Sooooo lovely. xxxx

  3. These pictures are lovely! you look a lot like your mum from the top pic in the bottom pic!
    Those bridesmaid hats are just classic!;-)
    x K

  4. Your hair was fabulous, my goodness how long did it take to blow dry!!? :) I loved the 80's so much wrong in terms of fashion, yet it felt so right at the time.


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