Friday, 27 November 2009

FREE presents and the big 50 (no not me!!!)

Week 11 - 70 Presents Challenge

I have reached 50 presents in my challenge - woo hoo!! I can't believe it. Thanks to everyone who has sent me ideas and suggestions or lovely things for my mum. I really appreciate your help. Just 20 more to find now. I've got a few ideas of things to make (any tutorials/links to patterns for tea cosies/sewing machine covers greatfully received) things to buy and a couple of lovely people have offered to send things so we are well on our way. Its been a great, fun, heart warming experience doing this challenge so far.

Some great suggestions for free...yes FREE presents have come my way recently so I thought I would share some of them with you as they are such great ideas.

Midsummerstitches on a Folksy forum suggested a box of kisses. You get your children to kiss torn up pieces of tissue paper and put them in a nice box with a label saying 'box of kisses'. I am going to do this for my mum from Izzy. This would make me cry if I got it!

Oddsox also passed on this tutorial for making japanese origami lucky wishing stars which are really pretty. The Folding Trees blog is full of tutorials to make really pretty things with paper - gift boxes, tags even a paper ipod docking station. I think I might become addicted to this paper folding thing.

Christals Creations left a message on  my blog telling me about the little bags of love she used to make - little fabric bags filled with cotton wool and tied with a label saying 'bag of love'. You can't open it as the love will get out! So cute and another one I might make.

I think it was Mutterings from the moor who suggested a sunday lunch voucher. Just make a handmade voucher offering to make your loved one a sunday lunch or their favourite meal at a time of their choosing. You can also make babysitting vouchers for friends/family

I love all of these ideas. its true that its the thought that counts and its not always about how much you spend but how much effort you make that makes a present special. Having said that sometimes you see things that you just HAVE to buy as with these gorgeous jam jar covers from The Cotton Porter (who coincidentally suggested getting 70 presents for my mum in the first place!) Its a present for my sister in law and is beautiful.

Made with fabric designed by another folksy seller littlebirdydesigns who designs gorgeous cards and prints. This print is on my Christmas list.

Check out both their folksy shops for great Christmas ideas


  1. What a lot of lovely ideas here! I've bought some of The Cotton Potters lovely wraps for presents too. I'm thinking I'll give them wrapped around jars of scrummy things or now I've read this maybe a jar of kisses!

  2. Oh great taste - I have just bought a simlar jar cover for my mums birthday - the fabric is gorgeous isn't it.

  3. These are really great ideas. I'm sure your mum will be so pleased!


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