Sunday, 1 November 2009

Show me your shoeboxes!

I finally got round to sorting out my shoeboxes for the shoebox appeal. There are still some things to get to fill the boxes but apart from that they are all ready to go. I'm really pleased we have done it this year. I've really enjoyed collecting bits to go in it and love the thought of a child opening it at Christmas. Its been great to talk to Isabella about it too.  So anybody else want to show me their shoebox??

A while ago you might remember that I actually managed to organise a reading group. Well I've now remembered why I never usually offer to organise anything. Trying to get 8 people together for the second meeting has been a complete bloody nightmare. Everyone has different nights they want to do or is busy or can't get childcare etc etc. The novelty has worn off and I don't want to be in charge anymore. Arghhhhhh!!!!! Note to self - never ever offer to organise anything ever again! The book we have been reading though is very good. I've really enjoyed it.

Finally my poor garden has been a bit neglected this year due to having 2 young children and doing lots of sewing. I ventured out there today tho and cant believe how much is still in flower in November. Is this normal or global warming? Is everybody else finding the same?

Oh yeah - Sam slept through last night!!!


  1. Oh the shoeboxes are darling. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  2. My shoe box is nearly done although Emily keeps taking stuff out. I have struggled a bit with the age category as I have done age 2-4 but even things like crayons say for 3+. Anyway, I have put stuff in that I would give Emily and she is nearly three. Yours look great. I need to do the wrapping paper on mine. It is very sad that they have to ask for soap and toothbrushes and stuff.

  3. Hi, thanks for adding the quilt to your favourites. I didn't make the dress - I'm not that clever yet! It's a gap hand me down but I don't think it's previous owner ever wore it! xx

  4. Your garden looks great to me. We are not in flower anymore, but that in part is due to being on the NE coast. Well done on the shoeboxes

  5. Show boxes look brilliant!!! Kids will be so happy to get one! Mine almost done. Now worrying as my "lid" on the shoe box does not come completely off but is attached on one side??? Know sometimes organisations as ademant that it has to be exactly right so...where did you get your show box from...I only have kid size ones or these half attached lid ones. ShoeZone in town would not give me one, anymore ideas??? Same as Emily Pickle, I find the ages ranges difficult as you would not give a 2 year old the same things as a 4 year old...and yes very sad they have to ask for the basic toilettries too. P.S. Garden looks great! xxx


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