Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sorry Mr Bank Manager but it is for charity!

I happened to pass a Fabricland shop at the week-end and was brave enough to enter alone with 2 small children!!

I generally try and avoid Fabricland because the staff are always so miserable and I always find by the time I leave they have sucked the joy out of my fabric buying experience but as I was passing it seemed rude not to go in and have a browse. They actually appeared to have new staff too who had not yet been trained in the Fabricland scowl if you dare to ask them a question.

After buying 2 very large feathers to amuse my children (who then proceeded to run around poking them in peoples faces)

I thought I needed to buy a little bit more fabric to make some more pillowcase dresses for the 'dress a girl around the world' appeal. Fabricland is very cheap so I ended up with this lovely little stash. A gorgeous Cath Kidston like floral fabric at £3.60 a metre!!

Some lovely pink gingham at something ridiculous like £2.50 a metre

Lots of bias bainding at 24p a metre and some felt for Izzy

This pink rose netting fabric at the request of Izzy

and look at this....pre shirred fabric!! Yes pre shirred. You literally have to sew up one side and you have a dress. How easy is that?? This was only £5 something a metre. Bargain!!

I also popped into John Lewis as I was passing and picked up a metre of this gorgeous Amy Butler fabric (which was not cheap!) to make Izzy a dress.

 I also picked up a hem gage. How have I lived without one for so long??

I love buying fabric. It makes me happy!

My button swap parcel has now been posted. It was so much fun. I had to send at least 5 button related items including a lavender bag. Will show you what I sent when they are received by my swapping partner but heres a little sneeky peek

and look at the cute cushion my very clever mum made for Sam. He loves Bob the Builder!

He now sleeps with it every night. Thanks Grandma!


  1. Love the rose bud fabric. We do not have a fabricland near here...perhaps its just has well, I'd have no pennies left!

  2. Hi Louise, bizarrely I visited Fabricland yesterday too. They have some amazing fabrics in there at the moment - bought the roses one in green and bought lots of polka dot - so cheap as well. Know what you mean about the staff, but it's literally five mins from my work so would be rude not to go! I spent £65 in there yesterday for tons of fabric - I have that gingham one with white hearts on for £2. I do feel slightly high from the experience even this morning. hee hee. x

  3. I have never heard of Fabricland, shame we do not have one nearby. Nothing like miserable staff to set you up for the day!! I love your fabric purchases. Cannot wait to receive my goodies!! I hope you like yours. Unbelievably I forgot to photo a couple of them, what a numpty! I love that pre-shirred fabric too! - I would wear that. Sue x

  4. Fabricland sounds like some kind of haberdashery theme park! :)

  5. Fabricland IS a haberdashery theme park. I find that the cheapness of the fabric is negated by the compulsion to buy up the shop.

  6. Great fabric and fantastic cushion.

  7. In Fabricland's defense. My local store (there are many) has a group of very enthusiastic young girls (well compared with me!) behind the counter. I think many of them are fashion design students. They always ask what you are going to make and give plenty of great advice.
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