Friday, 21 October 2011

M is for.................

M is for Make another gorgeous new fabric website I have just discovered. Super fast delivery and the most gorgeous fabrics.

M is for More Fabric. I just couldn't help myself after discovering the website above! I love this foxy fabric.

Couldn't resist another butterfly one

This was in the sale so it would have been rude not too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one - also in the sale!

This is pretty too

 This is a lovely organic fabric. Love the colours for a boy. What shall I make?

M is for Making Stuff (finally!)

So what is it?

A little recorder bag

whipped up in 5 minutes!

M is for More Bibs!

Sorry about the cheesy teddy photo but I don't have babies to model them on anymore! These little girl ones are going to baby Dotty to be tested out

and these are going to baby Stephen to try out for me. His lovely grandma and great aunt have made hundreds of dresses for the 'Dress a Girl' appeal. You can see more here

M is for Making me broody!

Annie also let me see a photo of her 2 other new grandchildren wearing the bibs I sent them. How cute are these twins?

M is for More Tutorials - I'm going to post a tutorial for the bandana bibs at the week-end so watch this space!


  1. Sweet photo of the babies. Love the fabrics!

  2. Fab dresses on the post below and I really love all that new fabric. Your bibs/bandanas are brilliant - I am sure they will be well used. x Jo

  3. Lovely buys! My Holly has a dress made out of the foxes fabric that Kitschy Coo made her,its great! Can't wait for the tutorial as I was thinking about those style bibs for a friend of mine for Xmas!

  4. Ah, thank you so much for sharing, I have been looking for a UK supplier of the Anika fox fabric for AGES, I'd only been able to find it on American sites before and the P&P was always so high :( I'm so pleased you managed to find it! xxx

  5. I guess M has to be for Me :-) I'm the very proud Nanny of those gorgeous babies :-)
    Thanks for the gorgeous bibs.
    A x

  6. Just been over to the fabric site and I have to agree the materials are rather srummy. I feel a shopping day coming on!! Hugs Mrs A.

    p.s. more little dresses on their way shortly.

  7. Those bibs and babies are truly scrumptious!!!


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