Thursday, 27 October 2011

More things to do in the holidays

Izzy has become a bit of a seasoned tester/reviewer for the 'Find Me A Gift' website over the last year. They always choose such lovely things for her to make and review. She has tried a felt heart sewing kit, painted some wellies and made a dolphin mosaic picture all of which we have really enjoyed making together. The challenge during this half term was to try out and review the Straw Art Kit.  

I thought Izzy would enjoy this one as she loves designing and making things. The box comes full of brightly coloured plastic straws and lots of different fixings.

As you can see Izzy takes her job very seriously!

We actually found the instructions to make things such as the dinosaur below quite hard (although this probably says more about me than the instructions!). You have to cut the straws to make some of the more complicated designs and young children would definately need quite a lot of help I think.
But rather than give up I put the instructions away and told Izzy to see what she could make all by herself and you know what, as soon as we did that she started having fun! She just used her imagination and came up with all sorts of things. This we decided looked like the front of a combine harvester

This was our windmill

A flower in a vase

A double combine harvester!!

and our pièce de résistance a double hanging bird cage 

Complete with chicken!

Izzy really enjoyed this set once we started doing our own thing and she has asked to get it out 3 days running now which says it all really. She has booked in her dad to try and make the dinosaur with her at the week-end!!

Some other lovely things I spotted on the Find Me A Gift website were these gorgeous

Love Heart Stamps

and I love this Chocolate Cake Mould

Its well worth checking out the Find Me a Gift website and facebook page.


  1. I remember my son having something similar when he was young...he always loved building and creating....happy memories eh? Izzy certainly looks to be having fun. Fab pics.
    A x

  2. Well done Izzy - I always think its much more fun to do your own thing anyway. I love the double bird cage - very clever! x Jo


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