Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day trip to Bath

I went to Bath on Sunday with my lovely friend Debi for a day out. It was fab! It felt really Christmassy and we had a lovely time perusing the shops with no children for a change. The Christmas market was lovely too.

I bought a few things. I found this lovely fabric for only £5.99 a metre.

and bought a few little things as stocking fillers. Couldn't resist this owl badge

We found The Makery shop which I was so pleased about.

The Makery runs craft workshops and now has a little shop too which is full of lovely things. I treated myself to this cotton reel holder.

and a few other little bits and bobs. I could have spent a fortune but was trying to be restrained.

I love this little stamp set

The staff were absolutely lovely. So friendly and chatty. Just what I want from a shopping experience. Those of you who read my blog will know about my experiences at Fabricland! I could have stayed and chatted and browsed all day but there was more shopping to do! I bought this little heart for my sewing room

and a few bits from a haberdashery shop we found. The green buttons are destined to be dinosaur eyes but more of that another time!

Love these dinosaur buttons

These pen holder and scissor things are magnetic and will hopefully stick to the radiator next to the table where Izzy does all her writing and making. We are forever losing scissors!

I love this little pink calculator

A few more stocking fillers

Izzy will love this little fairy

and this hook for her bedroom

 Shopping is hard work so we had to stop for a bit of refreshment and found a lovely cafe

This shop window was FULL of vintage Singer sewing machines. The photo isn't very good because of the light reflecting off the window but I wanted to show it anyway. It was amazing. Didn't make me want to buy the clothes just the sewing machines!

It was such a lovely day out. Thank you Debi!

I also managed to finish my first Nintendo DS case for Izzy at the week-end. I sort of made it up as I went along. Its padded to protect the DS if dropped with a little wrist strap.

I made a couple of pockets inside for games

I think I like it. I might do it slightly differently next time but not bad for a first attempt! Izzy was very pleased which is the main thing.

I also wanted to share this lovely hand embroidered picture. I bought it as a present for Jon's mum when she was ill to cheer her up. The Star Flower or Borage as it is also called is supposed to have medicinal qualities and is used for healing. Sadly Jon had to clear out his parents house recently and so the picture came back to me. I still really love it and will put it up in my sewing room to remind me of his lovely mum.

It was made by Helen Drewett and you can see more of her work here


  1. What a lovely post Louise. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house on Christmas morning. You find such lovely gifts.
    A x

  2. Brilliant post Lu. Fantastic day in Bath. Thank you! The cafe picture does make me laugh as lunch looks so unhealthy, a right greasy-spooner but it couldn't have been further, with its twinkly fairy-lights and delicious homemade food ha! Loved it. Whole day fab. Very Christmasy with the market too. Want to do it again!! ... love your xmas prez ideas. Great time at the craft fair tonight! Such a laugh. ...will be on the look out for "our" perfect craft fair. xxx


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