Sunday, 20 November 2011

Star of the week

Izzy was 'Star of the Week' at school and bought this lovely certificate home on Friday. I was so proud! It also meant we had to entertain 'Fred the Ted' for the week-end. This involves looking after the year one teddy bear and taking it everywhere you go over the weekend. You have to take photos and write a diary to send back in to school on Monday.

Pictures like this one. Its taken me hours to finish! Not sure I was the one supposed to be doing it though!!

I'd like to pass on a Star of the Week Award too! Mine would go to Wipso and Twiglet (AKA Jo and Annie) for their continued support and another fantastic parcel of dresses. They have quite literally made hundreds now for 'Dress a Girl UK' and I am so grateful. Here are the latest batch of 37 dresses. All absolutely gorgeous. Each dress has its own little detail to make it pretty and unique. I never fail to be amazed by how beautiful they all are and how well made too...

They also sent a little something for the boys but more of that later in the week!!

Thanks guys. It is much appreciated and takes the total to 475 dresses!!


  1. Don't think I've ever been the 'Star of the week' Louise so I'm sat here giggling now. Do I get a teddy to take photos with? ;-) If he was spending a few days with me he would have to learn to sew cos my 'to do' rail is heaving today. :-)
    Thanks for the lovely blog post again Louise. We have loads of material here still but I may have to put it on hold til after Christmas now as I have so many other things in the 'need to do' queue.
    Thanks, as ever, for all the hard work you do to keep the scheme working.
    Annie x

  2. Well done Izzy - what a lovely thing your teacher wrote about you. Hope Ted enjoyed his weekend. x Jo
    PS - a few more dresses finished here!


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