Monday, 2 April 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3 - Are you ready?

Its so exciting. This month it is my turn to host Pinterest Challenge #3. Are you ready? Then lets begin....

The rules are simple. You make something you have pinned on Pinterest, you blog about it with photos of the original pin and your version, then you link up to my blog so that everyone can have a look and we can all be inspired! One lucky person will be chosen at random to win a prize.

This month I thought that I would make something out of buttons! Here is what I chose on my Pinterest Boards

A lovely button letter to frame for a child's bedroom. I have hundreds of buttons so thought it would be a good one to try. I printed out a letter for each of my children - I for Isabella and S for Sam. I then cut them out and drew around them on to some white card. The tutorial says to use glue but I actually used double sided sticky tape which I filled the letter with. This was a bit fiddly for the S but worked really well. Its strong enough to hold the buttons on but you can still move them around if you need to. What do you think?

I'm actually really pleased with them. I didn't fill up the spaces as much as the original but that was through choice. I actually like seeing all the buttons and overlapping them stressed me out! I bought some brads for the really tiny spaces. These you have to push through the card and flatten on the other side. Mine were from The Range as were the tiny polka dot buttons. The rest I already had in my stash.

I bought a couple of cheap box frames from The Range and I'm going to put them up in the children's bedrooms I think. I made both of these last night whilst watching Britains Got Talent! They were really quick and easy to do. I'm thinking of making some more for the Arts Trail I am taking part in next month. What do you think?

Not to be outdone, Jon also decided that he should make something for the challenge. This was his original pin. A very cool A frame tent for the children to play in.

and Jon's version which he made today...

He made a simple wooden A frame and then attached a double sheet to the frame. You can staple it on although we used upholstery tacks instead. It folds flat for easy storage. Jon decided to let the kids decorate it with their handprints. They even made a pirate flag.

So what have you made? Link up and join in!! The linky below is open for 7 days so you still have plenty of time to get making or baking. We will be updating the Pinaddicts facebook page all week and also tweeting. Please use the hashtag #pinaddicts if you tweet.

Good luck!


  1. Your button letters are beautiful! I love the fancy font and the buttons are fab. I need a button collection! And how fantastic is the A frame tent?! You are a very talented pair! Thanks for hosting x x

  2. I love both your ideas! Am definitely going to have to try the button letters :-)

  3. I like your button pictures better then the original ones with overlapping buttons. I'm putting this on my to do list

  4. As a button addict had been wondering what you were making - LOVE them! X

  5. Oh they are SO LOVELY!! I love a good button. My friend's dad used to have a button phobia, can you imagine? What is the opposite of that- I have that.

    Those sleepover cabins are a great idea too. We made a bedouin in the garden last weekend, so much fun. I love how you always rope hub in


  6. What a super couple of crafts... talented people!

  7. Your button designs are lovely and the tent is awesome! :)

  8. Love the button letters, always fancied doing one myself but don't have the button stash and certainly don't think I'd have the patience! Where did you get the buttons from?
    The tent looks great too- lucky kids!

    1. Thank you. I am a bit of a button addict so have been buying and hoarding buttons for years!! At last a project I can actually use some on!!

  9. I love these! Might have to get Dad2BabyInsomniac to knock up one of those wooden frames, those tents are a fab idea and I have loads of old sheets! x

  10. wow these look fantastic. I am going to link up a button heart picture I did, but I love these, they look so much better. I lost all my buttons so need to start building up a supply again

  11. Love the button letters, will def give that a go! Great tent idea too, we have a shop bought wigwam which little one loves to haul into the garden at every opportunity, kids always love a 'den'. Thanks for hosting!

    PS. Random fact,Koumpounophobia is a phobia of buttons. That must be terrible!!

  12. Love the button pics - I pinned that one too! They're so striking and a great way to use old buttons (of which I have many). I'm a big fan of the tent too - my kids would love that. I haven't got round to doing the challenge yet this month but I will!

  13. The button letters are gorgeous! And I love the tent too. Thanks for hosting, I will have a post ready to join in soon!

  14. good ideas louise - yes definitely do those letters for the arts trail - would def go down well. now that just leaves me to decide what to make!x

  15. Hi,

    I've joined in the challenge with a no-sew tutu. I hope I've done it right - I'm new to blogging and this is my first blog hop. Thanks!

  16. Ooh my sis in law was looking at the button pictures on Pinterest the other day, I'll def be directing her here to take a look! Lovely makes, as always. Xxx

  17. My sis in law was looking at the button pictures the other day on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try. Will def be directing her here to take a look. Lovely makes, as always xx

  18. What a great idea. Looks like I'm just linking up in time too.


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