Monday, 23 January 2017

We LOVE Chalkola Chalk Pens!

I have just bought some blackboard fabric for a future tutorial so was thrilled to be asked to review Chalkola chalk pens around the same time. The blackboard fabric project is currently in the planning stage but we couldn't resist trying out the Chalkola pens in the meantime.

They are absolutely amazing! They are a kind of mix between felt tip pens, chalk and paint and write easily on any non porous surface so that children can draw pictures on the windows, on glass, blackboards, whiteboards, plastic, mirrors, and ceramics and it simply wipes off with a damp cloth. Its dries really quickly if you want to keep the design but can be wiped off at any time. You can also use them on more traditional paper!

My children age 8 and 11 absolutely loved  them especially drawing on windows and glass. Sam described them as 'awesome and pure genius!' while Izzy declared that she wouldn't be watching TV again because she loved drawing with them so much. There is no higher praise than that!

We tried out the party colours set which is full of vibrant, bright colours - you can find them on Amazon here

and the earth colour series which is full of more earthy, pastel tones which you can find on Amazon here

The pens are child safe, water based, non toxic and wash off easily from clothes and hands. New markers take a few minutes to get the ink flowing smoothly but then are really easy to use and work immediately. I was really surprised by how good they were and how much my children enjoyed using them.

The lovely people at Chalkola have given me a 20% discount code for ALL Chalkola products so if you would like to give them a try, just type in the code 20OFFSTR. Check out the Chalkola website too for more info and ideas.

We drew on the window!

Made jars to save up for a pony!

Drew pictures 

We will be keeping the pens and looking forward to trying them out on
the blackboard fabric in the next weeks. Watch this space!

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